Care and Safety Practices During COVID-19 in Home Based Care

Caregiver helping an older woman put on a surgical face mask

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This survey and interview study examines the system response to the COVID-19 pandemic in home-based care in Kansas.  How did the pandemic impact the delivery of home care? How were new safety practices identified, negotiated, and enforced? How did the pandemic impact the well-being of those who receive and provide this care?  In this community-engaged study, perspectives will be gathered from those who receive and provide Medicaid-funded home care services in order to learn what worked and what didn’t work.  The end goal is to identify policies and practices that can improve home and community-based services and supports for consumers, caregivers, and workers.  

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  • PI: Carrie Wendel-Hummell

  • Dates: 1/1/21 to 6/30/23

  • Sponsor: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)